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Talk Together

Talk Together is a unique new way for a young person and their communication partners to communicate together. From the very beginning, this innovative vocabulary package encourages involvement in modelling and supporting a developing vocabulary – all within a highly intuitive set of pages that enables young people say what they want. A wealth of on-screen support and ideas are available at the touch of a button on every page, so there’s no need to feel lost or to constantly refer to the manu

Talk Together will work within a range of communication software including Tobii Communicator, Mind Express and The Grid 2 and Grid 3 software. There are minor differences in layout and appearance between the different versions, and the symbols used will depend upon the software it is used within.

The vocabulary complements our bestselling Guide to Developing and Using a Communication Book, and the Sternberg award-winning Look2Talk guide to making a communication book for eye-pointing communicators.

Just like with the communication book resources, Talk Together promotes the use of a consistently located core vocabulary that grows over a number of stages, from just two items at the Introductory Stage through to a wealth of vocabulary at Stages 4/5.

How to get hold of Talk Together

Talk Together is free, provided you own one of the communication software options below.  It is available from the suppliers of the software:

  • Talk Together for Grid 3 can be downloaded from Online Grids.  If you’re using The Grid 2, contact Smartbox
  • If you’re using Mind Express software, Talk Together can be downloaded from Techess. Or you can contact them directly on 01476 512881
  • For Tobii Communicator software, contact Tobii Dynavox

The benefits

  • Gives easy access to a stable core vocabulary from every topic page.
  • Provides a structured approach to organising personalised vocabulary.
  • A page-by-page guide is integrated into the vocabulary to help with the big issues like how to introduce it, how to help young people to learn it, and how to support their developing skills.
  • The role of the communication partner and their skills is discussed throughout.
  • Emphasises the importance of play and having fun, particularly in the early stages.
  • Switch, eye gaze and keyguard-friendly page design.
  • Early literacy skills are encouraged and supported with phonic alphabets, storytelling and story reading pages.

Who is it for?

  • Talk Together is ideal for children and young people who need to use symbols to communicate.
  • Supports the vocabulary development of children and young people who have just begun to use a communication aid, through to more complex symbol use.
  • Children and young people using a wide range of access methods, from touchscreens to eye gaze to switches.

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