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AAC and literacy

Getting Started with AAC and Literacy

This leaflet is a starting point for introducing literacy instruction to people who use AAC and why it is important.

To learn more about literacy instruction for people who use AAC or who have complex needs we suggest the following sources:

General literacy: 

Literacy Instruction for Students with Significant Disabilities  website with information and guidance

Project Core  website with information and free professional development modules

Comprehensive Literacy for All book with information and guidance

Teach Us Too UK based charity promoting literacy education for all


Self Directed Reading: 

PrAACtical AAC blog with tips on making books accessible

Jane Farrall presentation handout with tips and informations

Tar Heel Reader large bank of free online books


Shared Reading: 

Ace Centre Symbol Chart free printable symbol charts to support reading books

Tar Heel Shared Reader website with information and free professional development modules


Letter and Sounds 

Jane Farrall blog post on teaching the alphabet

Reading & Writing 4 All website with free resources for teaching the alphabet



Centre for Literacy and Disability Studies Alternative Pencils information and resources

Ace Centre Alphabet Charts  free printable alphabet charts to use for writing