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How can I access my computer better?

Access to screen based technology such as computers and tablets is vitally important.

How can I access my computer better?

Not everyone who needs a communication aid is able to press buttons or use a touchscreen effectively.  Ace Centre specialises in identifying and supporting alternative ways of accessing technology.

Access to screen based technology such as computers and tablets is vitally important.  It’s about more than controlling a communication aid effectively, although that is pretty crucial!  It’s also about being able to engage with digital age – be that government websites, banking, learning resources, games, social media, etc., etc.

Through our assessment service, Ace Centre can help to identify how best to access and control communication aids and screen based technology if use of a standard mouse, keyboard or touchscreen is tricky.  As well as helping with technology such as mouse alternatives, eye gaze and switches, Ace Centre can support with optimising how information is presented onscreen to make life easier.

Our assessment services

Our assessment and training team will work with the individual, family and involved professionals to identify and achieve goals to support the development of communication and learning, and facilitate greater independence.
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It’s not just about expensive solutions.  With each new version of the operating system that runs your computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone, there is an ever-increasing number of settings and options that can be used to make it more accessible – for free!

There are inbuilt settings which can increase access for users who experience vision, hearing, motor or cognitive difficulties.  You can find out more about them and how they work in the  My Computer My Way guide from AbilityNet

My Computer My Way (AbilityNet)

Your step-by-step guide to individual adjustments you can make to your computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone to make it easier to use.
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