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Speakbook is a simple communication tool that was developed by Patrick Joyce who had Motor Neurone Disease (MND / ALS). Understanding the progression of his condition and the needs of others, Patrick realised that there was a need for a cheap and easy-to-use way of communicating for people who are able to read and spell and can move their eyes, but struggle to point with their finger or hand.

Speakbook is a template for a communication book which you populate with your own messages.  It also provides access to an alphabet chart. While originally developed with MND in mind, Speakbook can be useful for anyone who is literate and requires a communication tool that they can access with their eyes. (For more information – see here)

With thanks to:

English – With thanks to Suzanne Guerin and her colleagues for finding the mistake with the circles/triangles and cyan/green dots!

Turkish –  Ersin Sinay

German – Julius Deutsch, kommhelp e.V., Michael Ritson, Ace Centre, UK.

Afrikaans – Emma Emmerich, Inclusive Solutions.

Portuguese – Hélio Lourenço, Ace Centre UK

Maltese – Martina Zarb, Mariah Amber Busuttil, Jamie Said, Access to Communication and Technology Unit (ACTU), Malta

Bulgarian – Evgeniya Hristova

French – Michael Ritson, Ace Centre, UK.

Zulu – Sipho Sibanda, Inclusive Solutions

Arabic – Hossein Amin, Iraq.