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Meet Jess

Meet Jess

Jess, like any 25 year old, values her independence. Happy and outgoing, if she’s not playing boccia, you’ll find her out shopping, having a massage, listening to Motown music, or meeting up with friends – she especially loves to walk along the promenade where she lives. Jess’s cerebral palsy affects her speech, but she’s used augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) technology for many years and she really knows her way around the TobiiDynovox eyegaze device that has long supported her communication.

Jess was referred to Ace Centre when she started to experience problems with the version of the device she was using; the battery kept going flat and when she went outdoors the glare of the sun was preventing the device from picking up her eye movements. That meant she had to switch access methods every time she went outdoors and then indoors (which she does a lot when she’s shopping!) but as she couldn’t switch method herself, it was negatively impacting her independence.

TobiiDynovox i13

The team at Ace Centre arranged for Jess to upgrade to a TobiiDynovox i13 device – the most recent version of the device she was already using – and it has opened up a world of communication for her.

Additional features include:

New camera technology means the device can pick up Jess’s eye movements when she’s outdoors so she no longer has to switch access methods, giving her back her autonomy.

Accessible apps for Facebook and Instagram enable Jess to engage with social media. She loves to comment on and like posts and is particularly interested in political debate.

Partners window display – this small LED screen on the back of Jess’s device has transformed her ability to communicate with Adele, her PA, in busy, noisy environments. Jess is delighted that Adele no longer has to peer over her shoulder to see what she’s saying, and it makes trips out with friends easier too.

The TobiiDynovox i13 device has given Jess back the ability to communicate independently both offline and online providing greater support for face-to-face communications in previously difficult environments and as a result making the social interactions that are so important to Jess, more spontaneous and enjoyable.

Nobody says it better than Jess herself:

My Dynavox has been my lifeline to friends and family

My Dynavox has been my lifeline to friends and family

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