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There are many aspects to consider when introducing new assistive technology. What’s the right device? What features are important? What access method will be used?  The list goes on! Ace Centre can help you with many questions but today we’re highlight one we know can be tricky. How do we mount a device onto a wheelchair, floor, bed or wall?

We sat down with Paul Hewett, Engineering Manager, to discuss Ace Centre’s Mounting Service and how it can help ….

Is offering a Mounting Service something new at Ace Centre? 

We’ve always been able to provide a mounting service for assistive technology devices, but we’re trying to increase awareness. There are several mounting systems available, but it can be challenging to decide on the most appropriate solution or to fit it. Good positioning of assistive technology is important, and a well-thought-out mounting system can be more efficient and practical for the user – simple is often best!

Who can benefit from Ace Centre’s Mounting Service?

This service can be very useful for individuals who use assistive technology, their families or organisations that work with people who use assistive technology including schools, advisory teams, local services, residential settings, or care homes.

Why does Ace Centre offer this service? 

Sometimes the number of available options on the market can be overwhelming and it can be tricky to find solutions for specific wheelchairs or configurations. It’s also important to know that the person fitting the mounting system is competent and knows what they’re doing. You can rely on the experience of our clinicians, technicians, and engineers.

There are services that help specify the mounting system required, such as the Rehadapt Virtual Mounting Service, but you may not feel comfortable fitting it to a wheelchair. We can help you with that.

What does the process for getting a mount fitted look like? 

If you’ve used a service provided by a manufacturer or supplier to specify a mounting system, we can fit it for you. Once the mounting hardware has arrived and we’ve received a payment or purchase order from you, we’ll arrange a mutually convenient time to fit the mounting system. We’ve published our prices but if you require a written quote please do just get in touch.

Can you supply mounts?  

We can carry out an assessment for mounting of any type, for use on a wheelchair, floor, bed or wall mount. We can also provide a quote for supplying and fitting any mounting equipment specified.

Can you fit any mount?

We should be able to fit most commercially available mounting systems. We will ensure manufacturer instructions are followed and that the weight limit of the mounting system or wheelbase is not exceeded. We will only fit the system if it is safe to do so and follow a risk assessment process included in the cost.

To learn more about our Mounting Service visit this webpage or contact us here

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