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Person with an AAC device mounted to their wheelchair

Mount Assessment and Installation

Our engineers can assess for and supply a wide range of mounting solutions.

or call our advice line on 0800 080 3115

Good technology mounting and positioning gives freedom.

We are able to supply and fit a wide range of mounting and positioning systems for assistive technologies and other devices such as mobile phones and tablets. A device that is carefully positioned in a consistent, repeatable location can make a huge difference and will maximise efficiency.

There is a wide range of mounting systems that allow devices to be used while in a wheelchair, when in bed or at a desk or table. Some mounting systems give a lot of flexibility as they can be used in more than one location or position.

There are many factors to consider and a holistic assessment can be extremely important. We’re really careful to consider other factors too such as portability and weight. We’re fully aware how important it is that equipment is practical, easy to use, store and where appropriate adjust. Systems need to look good, be reliable and be robust!

Devices we can mount:

  • AAC and EC devices
  • Switches and access devices including joysticks
  • Mobile phones
  • Tablets and laptops
  • Smart home devices

Wheelchair Mounting

We fit a wide range of mounts and systems including those from Rehadapt, Daessy, Mount'n Mover, Mo-vis and Ideas for Independent Living.

Typically we would carry out an assessment and produce a specification of the system that best met the client needs. You could either purchase that yourself and we would fit it, or we could supply it on your behalf. We’re able to fit mounting systems specified as part of the Rehadapt Virtual Mounting Service.

Specialist Mounting

Sometimes it’s necessary to consider more specialised mounting systems.

If the technology is used primarily in one room, a wall-mounted or ceiling mount such as those manufactured by Ergotron may be appropriate. Powered mounts can be useful to enable a communication device (perhaps the Pow!r Mounts from Mount'n Mover) or access device (perhaps using a Multi Swing from Mo-vis) to be moved out of the way using a switch.

How can I order this?

Arranging an assessment for fitting of a mounting system is really simple. We have standard prices for fitting, but we can arrange a quotation to assess for, supply and fit a mounting system.

  1. Request a quotation using this form.
  2. Appointment confirmed once purchase order or payment received
  3. Assessment and fitting appointments carried out and will include training
  4. Follow up documentation provided by email where required.


We have a simple pricing structure. We can complete the activity at either of our centres in Oldham or Abingdon or at your address.

  • £295 to provide an assessment and fit the first system and £95 for each additional system at one of our assessment centres.
  • £395 to provide an assessment and fit for the first client and £150 for each additional client at your location.
  • We can also supply the mounting system at additional cost. Prices for equipment varies, but a standard wheelchair mounting system is likely to cost between £250 and £750 depending on the weight of the device being mounted.

Fitting includes training in the use of the equipment, supply of relevant documentation and a risk assessment document.

We are also able to carry out additional support services including servicing, maintenance and adjustments when required. Please do get in touch using this form for more information.

Rehadapt Mounting Service

Ace Centre engineers and technicians can fit Rehadapt mounting system. Checkout our Rehadapt mounting service.