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Generate an QR Code

Generate a QR Code that includes the Ace Centre logo. Use the QR code for marketing material. Make sure to test the QR code fully before you include it in any marketing material.

You must include the entire url, including the 'https'. For example '' will link to our contact us page


QR codes can be great but they come with lots of problems. The best use case is physically printed QR codes.

We should stick to hyperlinks (or copy pasting links) in the digital space as much as possible as this gives the end user the best experience and will work best across most devices and platforms.

  • Always write out the link in the content you are using a QR code. If you don&t do this you are locking out people without a QR code reader.
  • Consider where the user is viewing the QR code. If you are using it in a social media post, how are they going to scan the code if they are viewing on their QR scanner? Or if they are viewing on a computer you are forcing them onto their phone which they probably don&t want.