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Ace Centre Learning Update

Ace Centre Learning is changing! Don’t worry, all our great content and courses are here to stay; we’ve just made it much easier for you and your teams to purchase and manage your courses.

You might notice a few differences, specifically when you are checking out; you will be invited to create an account on our new system.

You can find and browse all our courses on our new front end at You will have to make a brand new account on this system before you can make a purchase. Don’t worry though, it will prompt you to do that when you check out.

We have also updated the Moodle site that we use. When you enrol on a course you will be invited to join our new Moodle site as a learner, which is a separate account to the one mentioned above. You can, of course, just use the same details, if you wish. You can access the new Moodle site here So to confirm, you’ll need to create two new accounts:

  • Arlo – to browse and sign up for courses. Think of Arlo like a shop.
  • Moodle – to actually sign into and undertake the courses. Think of Moodle like a classroom.

If you’re a finance admin, you will only need an Arlo account, under your own name (or departmental name), which you will be prompted to create at checkout – a Moodle account isn’t necessary. Also at checkout, you will be prompted to nominate the course delegates.

Existing courses

If you have signed up for a course on our old system, you can continue to access it the same way you have been. Going forward, we will post all new courses on the new platform, so these changes only affects users who sign up for new courses after April 2024. If the course was posted under the old system, that’s where it will stay until that instance of it is finished; new instances will be posted on the new system.

Need help?

As always, if you get stuck or lost then you can reach out to us via our Contact Us page and we will be happy to help you.


You can now easily purchase courses for yourself and your teams using credit card or by invoice. The entire process is automated so you will get access to the course once payment has been made, without any further steps.


  • If you are a finance admin person purchasing courses on behalf of your colleagues, you will still need to create an account for yourself, even if you won’t be a delegate
  • Follow all the links sent to your email, they will take you to the right place
  • Reach out if you get stuck