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When to Start with AAC?

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When to Start with AAC?

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Included in course bundles:

  • Getting started with AAC

    Learn about what Augmentative and Alternative Communication is and all the different forms it can take. See real example of people using AAC and understand how you can support someone. Build your confidence to have a go and get answers to some of the common questions people have about AAC.

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Learn about when to start with AAC and important approaches to take when you are getting started. Build your confidence to have a go and get answers to some of the common questions people have about AAC.

Course aim:

To introduce the concept of the ‘least dangerous’ assumption and consider some common misconceptions in the field of AAC. This course will also suggest practical ways of getting started with AAC and signpost to further resources to help you.

You will learn:

  • Define what is meant by the term ‘the least dangerous assumption’
  • Recognise how certain assumptions may impact on your interactions with individuals with communication difficulties
  • Clarify common misconceptions about introducing AAC
  • Be aware of tools and resources to support you in getting started with AAC

Course includes:

Online learning activities and resources.

Suitable for:

Anyone working with people who use AAC.

IPAACKS competencies:

  • Level 1 : Implementation

Special requirements:

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Cost: £30

*All times shown are given in the UK timezone, on the date the course is run.

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