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Makaton Level 1

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Makaton Level 1

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  • Introductory level
  • 7 places remaining
  • Runs on: 21/02/2022
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Makaton Level 1 training is the starting point for learning Makaton. It provides a practical introduction to the Makaton Language Programme. You will learn hints and tips for effective signing and symbol use and how to start using Makaton in everyday situations at home or work. Level 1 training will introduce the Makaton signs and symbols from Stages 1 and 2, and some of the Additional Stage core vocabulary.

Course aim:

To learn about the Makaton Language Programme and begin to use signs and symbols from the first stages.

You will learn:

• the history, design and structure of the Makaton Core and resource vocabularies
• to use signs and symbols from stages 1 & 2
• to use half of the additional vocabulary in their daily environment
• to use signing techniques for placement, directionality and movement
• how the signs used with the Makaton vocabulary are derived

Suitable for:

Parents, family members, carers and workers who need to use Makaton at home and in their work.

Course includes:

4 Workshops, a Participant’s Manual and Level 1 training certificate

Special requirements:

The course is delivered online. We will be delivering this via Teams, so you will be required to use one of the following web browsers: Chrome, Microsoft Edge, FireFox, Safari or Safari Mobile

Course Schedule:

  • 21st Feb 2022 – 1-3pm
  • 7th Mar 2022 – 1-3pm
  • 21st Mar 2022 – 1-3pm
  • 4th Apr 2022 – 1-3pm

Cost: £72.50


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