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  • Developing level
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  • Runs on: 16/01/2024
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Developing Level (Teacher-supported online study)

Course aims:

Introducing Ace Centre’s award winning Look2Talk resource (L2T), exploring who a colour-encoded eye pointing communication book would be suitable for.

This course is provided through 2 online webinars. It provides an introduction to the Look2Talk resource, and how you might begin to implement this with people who communicate by eye pointing. It will provide information for parents and professionals who need to make and use a communication book for people who communicate using their eyes alone.

You will learn:

  • To understand the principles, organisation, and progression within Look2Talk.
  • State which level of Look2Talk would be suitable for an individual and why.
  • Consider appropriate vocabulary selection for an individual.
  • Identify important communication partner skills to support the learner.
  • Manipulate Look2Talk templates in chosen communication software to create a communication book

Suitable for:

  • Parents and practitioners who work with people who use AAC and are responsible for developing communication resources.

IPAACKS Competencies:

  • Level 2: Implementation
    • Awareness of the eye pointing access method
    • Awareness of individual vocabulary needs based on language level, age, culture etc., as well as environmental and participation demands
    • Able to select and expand vocabulary appropriate to the person using AAC, with guidance as appropriate
    • Awareness of the communication partner skills and learner
  • Level 3: Knowledge of how to develop resource, using evidence base to inform activity

Course includes:

3 months access to online materials, 2 live webinars and free trial of Boardmaker 7/ InPrint3

  • Session 1: 16th January 2024 (13:30-16:30 UTC): Provides a comprehensive overview of the rationale for the Look2Talk resource. It explores the principles of eye pointing as a means of access to communication and supports the decision-making process for vocabulary/message selection. This session will also provide guidance for developing the functional use of Look2Talk.
  • Session 2: 23rd January 2024 (13:30-16:30 UTC): This session provides participants the opportunity to create a personalised Look2Talk resource using commonly used symbol software.

Special requirements:

  • A Windows computer to install and trial Boardmaker 7/ InPrint3
  • You will be required to use one of the following web browsers: Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox

Time: 13:30-16:30 UTC (for each session)

Cost: £120

*All times shown are given in the UK timezone, on the date the course is run.

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