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Augmentative and Alternative Communication Unit

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Augmentative and Alternative Communication Unit

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  • Enhanced level
  • 21 places remaining
  • Runs on: 18/01/2022
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This course explores the needs of individuals with complex communication difficulties who may benefit from AAC. Participants will critically evaluate the available range of AAC resources and strategies and examine the issues of assessment, implementation, support and training.

On successful completion of this unit students will be able to:

  1. Recognise who can benefit from Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) and understand the importance of a collaborative approach to identify the need and potential solutions
  2. Identify an individual who may benefit from AAC and describe their requirements of a communication system
  3. Critically evaluate a communication resource and the way it has been implemented
  4. Analyse and measure the current and potential impact of using an AAC system


The AAC Unit combines online self-directed study and live interactive webinars. Online activities will be revealed prior to the webinars. These may be completed before or after the live event. Alternatively you may choose to work through the activities on the day of the webinar.

A question and answer session with two members of Ace Centre staff will also be available on the afternoons of the webinar dates. These will provide an opportunity for further discussion and collaboration with the course tutors and peers on the course.

Ace Centre tutors will endeavour to facilitate your self-directed learning. Please contribute to the live sessions and utilise the forum to support your learning.

Webinar Dates

18th January 2022

    • Vocabulary selection and organisation (9.30am -11.00am)
    • Q and A (3.00-4.00pm)

15th February 2022

    • AAC Assessment (9.30am -11.00am)
    • Q and A (3.00-4.00pm)

15th March 2022

    • Teaching strategies and implementation (9.30am -11.00am)
    • Q and A (3.00-4.00pm)

5th April 2022

    • Target setting and review (9.30am -11.00am)
    • Q and A (3.00-4.00pm)

Cost: £800

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Exploring Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) that supports face-to-face communication.

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