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Voiceitt App Project – Call for Participants


About the project

This project is a collaboration between the Ace Centre and Voiceitt to trial the Voiceitt app with participants in the UK.

What is the Voiceitt app?

Voiceitt is a new speech recognition app for people with dysarthric speech. Machine learning is used to train the app to identify an individual’s unique speech when saying trained phrases. Voiceitt can recognise the trained word or phrase said by the individual and in turn speak this out in a clear voice.

Check out Voiceitt here

What it involves

The project will last for around 3 months. Each participant will be provided with the app and trained how to use this. You will be required to record phrases to train the app with sentences which are relevant to you and to then use the app in your life. We will contact you periodically to gather your opinions of the app and to provide support.

Participant Criteria

We are looking for people who are:

  • Aged 18+ with dysarthric speech
  • Interested in using technology to increase their independence, socialisation or engagement
  • Have sufficient cognitive ability to express opinions about Voiceitt
  • iOS users or familiar with iPhone/iPads

Contact us!

If you fit the criteria and would be interested in participating in this project please contact us!

Michael Ritson (North office)

[email protected]

0800 080 3115 ext. 227


Claire Elliott (South office)

[email protected]

0800 080 3115 ext. 411