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Pearson’s My Twist on a Tale: Represent! Writing Competition


We are delighted to announce that we’re supporting Pearson’s My Twist on a Tale: Represent! writing competition – a free, national competition which encourages 4–19-year-olds to shine a light on the whole story, representing what, and who, they feel are being left out in literature today, and putting the underrepresented centre-page.

The competition aims to empower children and young people, from Key Stage One to Key Stage Five, to depict the people, issues and aspects of life that they believe need greater recognition. As they write and reshape their own diverse stories, this year’s young authors-to-be are welcome to delve in to topics that feel close to their heart, whether that be ethnicity, relationships, gender, ability, poverty, technology, or something else entirely!

Why? Because diversity, inclusion and relatability matter. They matter in the literature we consume and the books, poetry and plays we put in front of our children. At whatever age – from early stages to adulthood – people should feel represented in the literature they read and the stories they write.

The 17 winners will see their works published as an illustrated collection for all to read, as well as in a selection of audio stories. Additional selected prizes will also be available, including the chance for one highly commended school in the primary category to collaborate with an author, and produce a bespoke book on their chosen theme. This tale will be published in 2023, when it will form part of the Pearson Bug Club range.

The competition is open! Entries can be submitted until 17:00 on Friday 25th November 2022. To register or to find out more, visit the Pearson’s Mt Twist on a Tale website here.