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Service Finder Launch


Service Finder 2.0 is finally here! Service finder helps connect you to your local assistive technology service so you can get access to the NHS service you need. We can connect you with a service to help with Augmentative and Alternative Communication, Environment Control and Wheelchairs.

Click here to go to Service Finder.

Service Finder is simple to use, enter a postcode and hit ‘Find Services’ then you will see a list of services that covers your area! If you don’t feel like typing in your postcode you can click ‘Use your current location’ and you will be shown services that covers the area you are currently in.

If you want to see what the service coverage looks like on a map, then you can do that with the new Service Finder. If you visit this page you will be shown a map, initially with just AAC services but you can use the control box in the top right hand corner to switch which service you are looking at. Feel free to pan and zoom around the map and click on areas to see what service covers it.

Watch this video to learn about how to use service finder.

Keeping the data up to date

We are planning on maintaining the data. Anytime we know of a service which has changed details or changed the area they cover we will update the data. However, with so many services it is possible for details to change and us not know about it. That is why we need you to let us know if you see anything that is inaccurate, and we will update it as soon as possible.

You can let us know of anything that looks wrong by filling out the data here.

Using the data

If you are interested in using the data for your own purposes, we are more than happy for you to do that!

You can access all the raw data in this Github Repository. This repository is the single source of truth for our data and the data stored here powers the Service Finder.

For convenience we have built an API for anyone to use to access the data. It allows you to access services given a location or postcode. The API is built using GraphQL so is strongly typed and well documented. You can view the API hereYou can learn more about how GraphQL works here.

This link will open an example GraphQL query that will list all the services that we have data on.

Before you use it drop us an email and we can see what we can do to help you as best we can. We also ask that if you do use our data, try your best to always use the most up to date version to stop out of date data spreading.