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Feature: Rarity Life Magazine


We are very excited to see our colleague Suzanne Martin, NHS and Local Service Development Manager, featured in the recently released issue of Rarity Life magazine.

The article “Just because I can’t speak doesn’t mean I have nothing to say” is perfectly timed for AAC Awareness month. Suzanne does an excellent job introducing the reader to the fundamentals of AAC, walking through elements such as unaided and aided language, tackling misconceptions around ‘high tech’ being better than ‘low tech’ and discussing the importance of presuming competence and working towards true autonomous communication.

Suzanne is quoted saying “I’m really passionate about the authorship of messages. Is it what they truly wanted to say”

Rarity Life is a brand new online publication that offers those affected by rare disease, disability and cancer the opportunity to create content that is truly inclusive, to unify our collective experience and to celebrate and share our differences.

Check out the full issue including the article with Suzanne found in the Science & Technology section by clicking here.