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Telenet (1999-2002)


The TELENET project (1999 – 2002) evaluated the extent to which Assistive Technology service provision could be improved by using mainstream telecommunication technologies such as video and point-to-point computer linking. It was a follow-on from the successful CATCHNET project.

TELENET’s aim was to establish and thoroughly evaluate an augmentative model for providing assessment, support and training services to those working with children who have severe physical and communication difficulties. Three local education authority teams (Cornwall, Dorset and Hertfordshire) participated in the project. It was a resounding success and is already having a significant impact on the ACE Centre’s service delivery. Mick Donegan of the ACE Centre was seconded to oversee TELENET under the supervision of the University of Birmingham.

Project deliverables

Summary Final Report (60k word file), Summary final report, final report, edited video, multimedia Powerpoint presentation.



Funding agencies

The Gatsby Foundation, The Economist Charitable Foundation