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Let’s All Play

“Let’s All Play” was a 2 year Lottery Funded project empowering pre-school children with physical and communication challenges, consisting of 8 case studies.

What does it involve?

The project developed, implemented, evaluated and disseminated an effective model for enhancing the ability of young children with physical and/or communication disabilities to play as independently as possible. It worked with a core group of disabled children and their families to establish how they play best and will use the information to help a wide range of play providers to implement the lessons learned.

Project Outcomes

From the information gathered through the “Let’s All Play” project a webbased resource  “Let’s All Talk” was produced. “Lets All Talk” was based on close work with preschool children, their families and the professionals that support them. It was hoped that the materials would provide a valuable introduction to the considerations of access to resources and the early stages of communication development for parents and professionals new to the subject.

The web materials provided case study examples of preschool children using augmentative and alternative communication strategies and resources. The information aimed to consider key issues for supporting young children with little or no speech with communication and physical disabilities.


2007- 2009

Funding Agencies

The Big Lottery Fund