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The original COGAIN Work Package 3 (WP3) concentrated on User Involvement. The COGAIN project has ended but the COGAIN Association continues the work, as well as COGAIN partners in their own organizations.

COGAIN looks at what potential users want from an eye control system. People have individual needs and the systems must be flexible enough to accommodate them. We’re working with people with various disabilities and levels of severity – and they’re all helping us to see what improvements and developments are necessary.

What does this involve?

An essential part of this project is to actively involve people with disabilities and those who support them in order to bring about improvements with this exciting new technology. By responding to either of these questionnaires, you will be playing a significant part in ensuring that the aims of the project remain closely linked to what people with disabilities actually need, rather than what others might think they need.

Read more about the project here.

Time scale

2004- 2009

However, The COGAIN Association have taken over and continues some of the work started by the COGAIN Project.