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BRIDGE (2000-2002)


The BRIDGE project (which ran from 2000 – 2002) aimed to combat the social exclusion of disabled persons by promoting the use of technological solutions and electronic aids to compensate for functional impairments that exclude people from important social activities (communication, environmental control, work, school).

This objective was to contribute to the development of European, national, regional and local policies in the field of AT. Models of good practice and service delivery have been published to enable EU countries to provide more effective and user-centred AT assessment and supply.

The BRIDGE partnership was made up of five centres of excellence in four different European countries (Italy, UK, Germany, Spain) together with the Italian Federation of Associations representing disabled persons. It included the opportunity for important staff exchanges between service delivery centres.

The project outcomes, in the form of a booklet and a full web-based report, are being shared with European administrators of public health authorities, politicians and other decision-makers working in the field of services for an inclusive society. The take-up of the booklet has been very high.

ACE Centre deliverables

A Full Final Report (1.2Mb pdf file)

And a Condensed Report 


2001 – 2002

Funding agencies

Social Exclusion Programme of the European Community.