WWAAC (2001-2004)

The World-Wide Augmentative and Alternative Communication (WWAAC) project was a pan-European initiative to make web and email based technology more accessible to people with communication, language and/or cognitive impairment and who use symbol systems.

The project’s website can be found here.

WWAAC addresses the development and early implementation of the following:

  • Preliminary guidelines for syntax and semantic concept/text/message encoding.
  • Tools for text support – i.e. message conversion between symbols and symbols and symbols/text, with speech output.
  • Tools for task support – for web browsing and mail box handling.
  • Guidelines and tools for information presentation on the web for the target users.

It was intended that involvement of end users, state-of-the-art developers, and researchers should lead to commercially attractive and close-to-the-market products. A Code of Practice for webmasters and websites interested in symbol users was planned which, it was hoped, would be included in international standards.P

Project deliverables

Beta software of an adapted web browser and mailbox handler, interim and final reports, demo simulator CD, PowerPoint conference presentations.


2001 – 2004

Funding agencies

European Union Fifth Framework Programme – Telematics