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Screenshot of: SpeakBook - Maltese

SpeakBook - Maltese

Last updated: 20/05/2024

Speakbook is a template for a communication book which you populate with your own messages.  It also provides access to an alphabet chart. Speakbook can be useful for anyone who is literate and requires a communication tool that they can access with their eyes.




Does this vocabulary cost to access?




Translation Method

‘Fluent’ speaker of the language(s) who has a language based profession e.g. Speech & Language Therapist, Linguist, Language Teacher or similar e.g. a Polish vocabulary that has been created by a fluent Polish speaker who is also a Speech & Language Therapist would meet this criteria


Ace Centre

Software Required

PDF reader


Does the package support code switching (speaking two or more languages within one sentence/message bar)?


Can the user switch between languages while staying in the vocabulary package? (E.g via a link on the home page or tool bar etc)


When the vocabulary was created what features of the language were considered?

The alphabet chart and the sample phrases are appropriate for Maltese. The instructions for constructing the book are in Maltese. The operational commands within the book are also in Maltese.

Is it a Text-only or Symbol + Text vocabulary?


Text Only

What keyboards are available?

Keyboard in the same language(s) as the vocabulary [e.g. a Urdu vocabulary has an Urdu keyboard]

Is there a bank of prestored phrases?


Can the bank of prestored phrases be edited with the users own phrases?


Is there the option for symbol support on the text?


Symbol + Text

What level of language ability does this package support? (pick the best fit category)

Combining several words together at sentence level and including the correct grammar, such as using the correct verb form, and noun-verb agreement and other features as expected in the language. (to meet this criteria the functioning of the vocabulary must be able to accommodate the language’s sentence structure and grammar).

Resources available in Maltese


Answering common queries and concerns.