Ace Centre Learning Levels

Ace Centre learning offers a range of opportunities for family members, carers, practitioners and professionals.

Courses focus on Assistive Technology to enable communication and learning and are organised across four different levels to provide the right training for you and your specific needs. All courses have learning outcomes that are linked to AT and AAC competencies.

Introductory Level

Exploring possibilities and finding solutions

Introductory courses are for anyone that would like to learn more about Assistive Technology to support communication and learning.

These courses will introduce you to:

  • What’s possible with Assistive Technology;
  • What equipment is available;
  • Case studies to illustrate the resources and its implementation.

Developing Level

Seeking knowledge and information

Developing courses are for practitioners who have an awareness of Assistive Technology and would like to learn more about how to use it successfully.

These courses focus on:

  • The what, why and how to use Assistive Technology for communication and learning
  • Developing your knowledge and skills about the assessment and implementation of Assistive Technology solutions
  • Discovering how to seek out information guidance and practical examples of strategies and resources

Enhanced Level

Practising and improving skills

Enhanced courses are for professionals specialising in Assistive Technology who want to further their understanding of different solutions and how to implement them. You will be encouraged to develop your reflective practice and explore the evidence base.

Courses will create opportunities for you to:

  • Develop your reflective practice
  • Evidence your knowledge and skills to support individuals who use Assistive Technology
  • Continue your learning of the interdisciplinary requirements of Assistive Technology

Specialist Level

Leading Others

Specialist courses are for practitioners with a significant role in identifying and supporting people to use Assistive Technology for communication and learning. Courses aim to enhance your learning to explore and challenge the evidence base in order to identify areas for enquiry.

You will:

  • Develop your interdisciplinary expertise
  • Develop your reflective practice in order to support others
  • Explore opportunities for consultation, collaboration and coaching