Ace Centre Learning

Augmentative and Alternative Communication Unit (E) Jan 2021

In this unit you will explore the needs of individuals with complex communication difficulties who may benefit from Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC). Participants are encouraged to critically evaluate the range of AAC resources and strategies available. Assessment and implementation of AAC is explored and implications for support and training considered.

This course is being delivered online and combines self-directed study and teacher-supported webinars. Online activities and tasks are revealed as you progress through the course, which are supported with feedback and discussion from Ace Centre tutors.

Webinars shall be delivered on the following dates:

27th January 2021

  • Vocabulary selection and organisation (9.30am -11.00am)
  • Q and A (3.00-4.00pm)

24th February 2021

  • AAC Assessment (9.30am -11.00am)
  • Q and A (3.00-4.00pm)

24th March 2021

  • Teaching strategies and implementation (9.30am -11.00am)
  • Q and A (3.00-4.00pm)

21st April 2021

  • Target setting and review (9.30am -11.00am)
  • Q and A (3.00-4.00pm)
Includes lifetime access