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ACE Centre provides a range of training opportunities in the use of Assistive Technology (AT) to support individuals with complex communication and learning needs. 

We can provide bespoke training sessions delivered either at ACE Centre or within your setting. To enquire about bespoke training events complete a Training Request and we shall contact you to discuss your requirements.

Our tariff of Day Courses is continually updated and events are made available subject to demand. For enquiries about day courses please contact us.

Our Assistive Technology Unit is a four day course providing an overview of Assistive Technologies to support communication and learning and considers the assessment process of identifying AT requirements. This is regularly delivered at our offices, but can also be offered at a venue closer to you subject to demand.

Our AAC Unit is a four day course which will explore the needs of individuals with complex communication difficulties and critically evaluate the available range of AAC resources and strategies examining the issues of assessment, implementation, support and training.

Our Access Unit is a four day course to consider strategies and equipment that support physical access and control of technology for communication and learning.  Adaptations to standard systems and alternative access solutions shall be explored, including mouse, keyboard, switch, voice and eye control. The unit will consider the physical and cognitive demands of these methods and ways to practise and develop these skills for functional use.

We offer Continuing Professional Development Opportunities for practitioners interested in pursuing further academic study in the field of Assistive Technology for communication and learning. Our Undergraduate and Postgraduate awards are validated by Manchester Metropolitan University.

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