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PODD training for professionals, parents and carers

Now FULL! PODD training for professionals, parents and carers

We are delighted to announce that Rosie Clark, the UK based PODD trainer, will be delivering a 2 day introductory workshop to the PODD Communication System at ACE Centre (South).  This event will take place on Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th May 2017, and is open to professionals, parents and carers. 

The cost of the training is £230 for professionals and £130 for parents and carers.  This delegate fee includes the course, manual and certificate.  Lunch is not provided. The course will start at 9.00am (8.30am registration on the first day) and finish at 4.30pm.

Limited places are available on this course.  Places will be offered on receipt of a completed booking form and payment, on a first come, first served basis.

Day One looks at:

  • The challenge, aided language development
  • Development and general features of PODD
  • Features of PODD communication books
  • Selecting and customising PODD templates


Day Two looks at:

  • Access methodologies
  • Creating an aided language learning environment
  • Providing receptive input
  • Providing opportunities for expressive communication
  • Scaffolding interactions
  • Developing operational skills
  • Communication partner learning
  • Where to begin - where to from here?


Following the 2 day workshop, delegates will be able to:

  • Describe the challenges faced by professionals creating communication systems in relation to vocabulary organisation, layout, design, range of access strategies and customising for individual requirements;
  • Discuss the importance of receptive language input and creating a language learning environment;
  • Discuss the features of a PODD communication system, including vocabulary organisation, layout, design, range of access strategies and customising for individual requirements;
  • Use PODD generic template resources to produce customised communication books; 
  • Discuss the teaching and learning strategies for implementing PODD communication systems with students and team members.


The Pragmatic Organisation Dynamic Display (PODD) system was designed by Gayle Porter, a Speech Therapist with over 30 years hands on experience working with people with complex communication needs.  When developing the PODD principles Gayle Porter works to support communication at any time and emphasises teaching and learning strategies to enable a person to say what they want to say, when they want to say it and to whom they want to say it to!


 Rosie Clark has worked closely with Gayle to implement the PODD system at special schools in the UK with a range of children with complex physical, learning and communication needs.


The course will be held at: 

Unit 5 Hitching Court, Abingdon Business Park, Oxon, OX14 1SY